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About D & M Coffee Company

From humble beginnings....

Since 1990, D & M Coffee has been a coffee oasis in Eastern Washington. As our business continues to grow, we strive to exceed the expectations and needs of our customers. The art of Coffee is very important to us. Fresh, consistent, high quality coffee is critical. We roast to order, offering our customers only the freshest coffee available.

The owners, Mark and Donna, are dedicated artists and contributors to their local community. They see D & M Coffee as their ultimate art project, consuming their passion for creativity and quality.

We receive premium raw Arabica coffee beans directly from the importer. The coffee we roast arrives from ports all around the world. Raw coffee straight from the sack is called green coffee, it is actually light green in color. From the sack the green coffee beans are weighted, test roasted, and evaluated for flavor. By knowing the nature and background of a particular coffee type, we are able to adjust the air flow, temperature, and roasting time to bring out the best qualities of each coffee. At the height of the roast the beans are quickly cooled down with fresh air to stop the roasting process at the peak of flavor. Then the coffee is sealed in one-way valve bags, this allows the coffee to mature and release gas in a low oxygen environment, which prolongs freshness.

The beginnings of D & M Coffee ~ Mark and Donna at the Drive Thru

  • 1990 ~ Started D & M Coffee with the first mobile coffee bar in Ellensburg, Wa.
  • 1990 ~ Secured a contract with the Gorge Amphitheater to sell coffee at their music events.
  • 1990 (Fall) ~ D & M Coffee moved into the old Wipple's Service Station on South Main Street in Ellensburg. Making the Drive Thru their signature location.
  • 1992 ~ Started roasting our own coffee for our bar and soon after started roasting for other bars in the area.
  • 1996 ~ Full scale distribution through regional coffee distribution company.
  • 1998 ~ Opened our second location, D & M Downtown.
  • 1999 ~ D & M Coffee E-commerce website launched.
  • 2000 ~ Opened our third location, D & M Uptown.
  • 2000 ~ Received an award for preservation of local historic landmarks.
  • 2000 ~ Asked to submit coffee to The Coffee Review for cupping competition and awarded a rating of 87 for our Peruvian Organic, highest rating ever being a 94.
  • 2001 ~ D & M Coffee began to develop their own distribution network.
  • 2002 ~ Micro roaster with 12 years of coffee experience and 60+ wholesale accounts ranging from Montana to Japan, from Oregon to Alaska, and retail customers spread throughout the United States, including Hawaii and St. Kitts.
  • 2002 ~ Awarded exclusive contract for Central Washington University, out bidding Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Tully's, and others.
  • 2002 ~ Opened our fourth location, D & M Headquarters and Roasting Facility.
  • 2002 ~ Awarded Small Business of the Year for Central Washington Region, one of seven in the running for Small Business of the Year for Washington / Idaho state.
  • 2002 ~ D & M Coffee Barista takes third place in the Coffee Fest Latte Art International Competition, the only barista from the United States to place.
  • 2003 ~ Opened our fifth location, D & M Wenatchee.
  • 2004 ~ Achieved Trans Fair Trade Certification.
  • 2004 ~ Certified Organic through Washington State Department of Agriculture.
  • 2005 ~ Opened D & M Coffee’s Drive thru espresso/bakery/café
  • 2005 ~ Spearheaded community project for Hurricane Katrina relief
  • 2006 ~ Recipients of the Kittitas County Economic Development Group’s Business of the Year Award
  • 2006 ~ Opened D & M Coffee’s Canyon Road Drive-thru
  • 2007 ~ Hosted Annual Solar Tour in Kittitas County
  • 2008 ~ D & M Coffee presented with Green Business of the Year award
  • 2009 ~ Awarded contract for second time for Central Washington University; out-bidding Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, and others. Beginning a new exclusive contractual period
  • 2010 ~  Donated over $1000 for Red Cross Haiti relief
  • 2011 ~ Hosted Red Cross Blood Drive at D & M Downtown; bringing many new donors to Red Cross and saving up to 72 lives
  • 2012 ~ Mark Holloway acting as General Contractor began construction on raw land at 307 E 5th Avenue
  • 2013 ~ Opened Cornerstone Pie; Mark Holloway and Donna Malek’s full service restaurant and bar featuring fire roasted pizza, microbrews, wine, spirits, and locally roasted D & M Coffee. Currently listed in the top ten Ellensburg restaurants by Trip Advisor
  • 2013 ~ Hosted successful fundraiser, raising over $2000.00 for a local family; proceeds went towards medical expenses
  • 2014 ~ Hosted first Red Cross Blood Drive at Cornerstone Pie; saving up to 90 lives
  • 2014 ~ (Currently) D & M Coffee/Cornerstone Pie employs 80+ Ellensburg residents
  • 2015 ~ Awarded contract with Central Washington University to design and act as General Contractor for the Tunstall Commons 2015 Refresh and rebrand as the 1891 Bistro.
  • 2015 ~ Cornerstone Pie is listed as #2 by Fodor’s Travel for the Central Washington Region

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